What song can you listen to over and over again?

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English: Eva Perón

English: Eva Perón (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea for today’s post came from Plinky Prompts.

Do you have a song that really moves you. You can listen to my favourite by clicking  Don’t Cry for me Argentina

I hope you enjoy listening to it as well. I also loved the movie Evita, starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas. It is the passion and energy in the music that I enjoy.

Please note that I don’t understand the politics behind this very political time in history! I just love the movie and the songs in it!


    • So true! It sounds like you really enjoy your music. Thanks for camping out at my blog recently 🙂

  1. Now see what you have me doing!
    The sun isn’t up… I’ve the curtains open and watching the dawn… and listening to the original! Not being confrontational… I can’t stand the one from the movie… that person isn’t on my Christmas card list so it will always be Julie’s version… 😉 I have the original on vinyl… but it’s too early for the whole piece! 🙂

    • Thanks Vossey! I discovered the link I had was no longer working so I substituted it for Julie’s version – which I enjoyed. Madonna did a great version of it as well (surprisingly)!

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