Whales and wild flowers

Today we went for a drive hoping to spot some whales off our coastline near Dunsborough.

They are regular visitors at this time of the year. Check out this site for more information about these beautiful creatures.

No luck in spotting whales but we did find some great views and pretty wildflowers!

Online vs real relationships?


I just read a blog written by a friend of mine,  discussing the benefits of having online relationships as compared to “real” relationships.

You can read the article If you click here.

I think Jacinta’s blog raises some excellent points and I hope you will have a quick look – it is easy and interesting reading and it will help Jacinta gain some leverage online!

There are as many types of online relationships to cater for different age groups and interests as with our “face to face ” relationships. I actually met my husband online nearly nine years ago. It moved from being an online friendship into a real relationship once we met face to face a few weeks later :-).

What I enjoy most about my online interactions is the meeting of minds. I don’t know what age you are or what nationality, religion or colour you are unless you say so. It doesn’t really matter. Sometimes the cultural difference can be a real point of interest as well. I love to hear about the lives of young mums and I also love to hear from older people and their perspectives and life experiences.

I also really enjoy connecting with people who think deeply and write about life issues/eternal questions. I love to read blogs that make me laugh. Photography bloggers are great too – they can say so much with a picture and just a few words :-).

I DO tend to think about some bloggers as my friends – I may only be one of hundreds (or thousands!) of their followers but I feel I have come to know a lot about them and their lives over time. Some people have disappeared and I wonder about them and hope they are ok – just having a blog free holiday – I hope so!

So what about you? What do you enjoy reading in the blogosphere? Do you think that we are MORE ourselves online or that we try to portray an image of who we want to be?  Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know that what you see is what you get! I like it that way.