The most precious thing I ever lost…

WordPress are once again providing some topics to help bloggers with ideas to write about. Today’s prompt is “What is the most precious thing you have ever lost?”

I haven’t lost many THINGS over the years. I do remember losing a solitaire diamond once while out looking in a furniture store. I wasn’t too bothered about it. Material things can usually be replaced – maybe not right away but eventually! I did get a new stone put in it but went for a fake one as it looks just as good as the real thing!

Things I lost as a child were usually soon forgotten. They were probably that old and battered that they found their way into the rubbish when I wasn’t looking.

I am a sentimental person but also very practical. I very strongly believe that we need to accept the things we cannot change. If something is lost, grieve for it and then get on with life. No-one can ever take our memories away from us though. We can hold fond memories close to our hearts.

I think it is fair to say that I can deal ok with losing most “things”. Losing people is much harder!

I lost my Uncle Roy in 2010. He was 93 years old. He and I were always close and he kept in touch with me consistently over the decades. As I reflect on the relationship we had, I realise he always accepted me as I was. I wasn’t a pretty child but he always treated like I was the prettiest girl in town. His affection for me was unconditional. He always took an interest in whatever our family were doing and was very supportive of my three lads.

And that was very precious…


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