WordPress prompt – write about a Goldilocks experience

"The Three Bears", Arthur Rackham's ...

“The Three Bears”, Arthur Rackham’s illustration to English Fairy Tales, by Flora Annie Steel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you don’t know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it can be read on Wikipedia by pressing here

This story was one of my favourites as a little girl. Being the youngest in a household of seven, taught me a lot about empathy with those at the bottom of the pecking order 🙂

Goldilocks is trying things out to see what suits her best (what is “just right”) – the porridge, the chair and the bed of the smallest bear – much to his alarm!

I have “tried out” lots of things in my life, such as: places to live; friends and partners; jobs/careers; hobbies; fashions; food and diets; and belief systems. Many times I have strongly believed what was right for me, however, as I moved through the decades of my life so far, what suited me at 20 didn’t suit me at 30! We are constantly changing and growing and our needs and desires change as well.

Recently I read a book called “The Confidence Gap – from fear to freedom” by Dr Russ Harris (published by Penguin). This books explores values and goals and helped me to find what is important to me today. I found that what I value most includes:

* respect

* trust

* love

* authenticity

* honesty

* being able to contribute

* self acceptance

* friendliness

Just like Goldilocks, I can say “this feels just right” for me!


3 thoughts on “WordPress prompt – write about a Goldilocks experience

  1. Good thoughts! We are not here to be consistent with our previous selves. We are here to change, and grow, and evolve, and become more fully who we were always intended to be.

    There is logic in our inconsistency.

  2. I must have missed that prompt during the bad weather… interesting subject. 😉
    Thank you for checking in during the Hurricane… your kind wishes were appreciated!

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