Thinking of baby names?

stock-vector-happy-meadow-pattern-95847565I recently met a lady who is having a baby soon. We got talking about baby names. If she has a boy she is going to call him Henry and if it is a girl she likes Elsie. Have you noticed that a lot of old names are now popular?

There are over 200 residents in the Over 55’s Lifestyle Village where I live (I am only a teeny bit past 55 :-)) and yet we get by with around 110 names. The most frequent name for men is John and for women it is Margaret.

There are some great names living among us. To protect the innocent I will only mention their first names!

A.  Alan and Allan, Alice, Alison, Anita, Ann or Anna

B. Babs,  Barbara, Bernice, Bess, Betty, Brigita

C. Christa, Christine, Clifford, Colin, Colleen, Coral, Cynthia

D. Daniel, David, Delys, Denise, Derek, Diana

E.  Edward (Ted), Eileen, Ellen, Esma, Ester, Evelyn

F. Fay, Francine, Frank

G. Gail, Gary, Geoffrey (Geoff), Geraldine, Gillian, Gordon

H. Harold, Helen, Hugh

I. Ian, Ivy

J. Jacky, Jan, Jane, Jean, Jennifer, Jill, Joan, Joy, Judith, Julie, June

K. Kate, Kathleen, Kay, Keith, Kerry, Kurt

L. Lesley, Lois, Lorraine, Lynne

M. Malcolm, Margaret, Maria, Marie, Marion, Maureen, Maxwell, Mervyn, Moya

N. Nancy, Neil

O. Olive

P. Pamela, Patricia, Pauline, Peggy, Peter

Q. Nil

R. Rae, Raymond, Rene, Richard, Ronald, Rosemary, Ruth

S. Samantha, Shane, Sheila, Sher, Sue, Sylvia

T. Terri, Thelma, Thomas (Tom), Trevor, Trina

U. Ursula

V. Valda, Valerie, Valmai, Vivienne, Von

W. William (Bill)

X. Nil

Y. Nil

Z. Zelma