The passion to write

Baobab tree near Fitzroy Crossing where I taught Adult Literacy to Indigenous Women

Baobab tree near Fitzroy Crossing where I taught Adult Literacy to Indigenous Women

I love to write! So where did my journey begin and have I ever arrived at the destination of “being a writer”?

I am the youngest of five children hence, when I started school, I knew my alphabet and was confident in spelling some words. Through-out my primary and secondary schooling I always enjoyed studying English most of all. Writing seemed easy – writing essays seemed easy and I got good results.  As I student I wrote letters to my local paper and they were published. It was a real buzz to see my writing in the paper 🙂

When I left school I knew that English was my strongest point but, then, I couldn’t see any scope for it as a career. I married at 18 and had 3 children by the time I was 29 years old. I was content to be a mum at home while my children were young.

I used my love of the English language by doing voluntary work with adults with literacy problems. I also worked, at first voluntarily and later paid, as an English (reading and writing) tutor to a group of Australian Indigenous women. I have also worked with migrant women teaching English as a second language.

When my marriage broke up I moved to the city and went to University to study English and Intercultural Studies. My goal was to produce books that would be relevant and interesting for adults with poor English skills. It was very difficult looking after three young children on my own and studying as well. I withdrew with the hope I could come back to it at a later date. At 38 I won a good, full-time  job with the State Government. It involved some writing but it wasn’t the central focus of the role. Over many years I took on other job roles and in later years became a policy officer and writing was a core requirement in the job. At last I had the chance to do what I loved doing.

Today I seek opportunities where I can use my English writing ability. I’ve done some tertiary studies in professional writing. I have blogged for two years now and I really enjoy it. Today I have found a niche where I get paid to write tenders and funding applications for community organisations. I can combine my desire to make a difference in my community with my wish to produce a good piece of writing. I don’t see any novels on the horizon, but who knows what lies down the track!

Do you have ambitions for your writing or do you write purely for the pleasure of it?



3 thoughts on “The passion to write

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for your feedback. I think you are a very skilled writer. I sometimes read articles in papers and magazines and believe you could put them to shame!

    • Thanks, Lorraine! My lack of ambition is like your lack of a bucket list . . . I am quite content with my life as it is. As a result, I no longer feel the need to “prove” anything to anyone else by setting arbitrary goals. Hence my motto, “no rules, just write.”

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