In my backyard continued…

I recently watched a very sad movie called “Ways to Live for Ever”  and there was a reference to “flowers from Heaven” – those amazing plants that spring up in an impossible place like the cracks in rocks or slabs of concrete. I found some begonias going in my backyard that fall into this category.


Nature 002


I also have a new spider photo. I call it a “daddy-long-legs” as that is all I have ever known them to be.  Here is what Wikipedia has to say about them if you would like to know more.


Nature 004


I have a new respect and interest in the wildlife in my house and garden 🙂


If you are not familiar with begonia flowers, here are some examples below.


Begonias rojas

Begonias rojas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Español: Maceta con begonias rosas

Español: Maceta con begonias rosas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)