Me, helpless?

forty shades of green 001

Thanks to Plinky prompts for today’s topic: What is my worst quality as a human and why I think it is bad?

Sometimes I feel helpless and it seems insurmountable to overcome it. I really don’t like myself when I am like that. It involves a lack of self-confidence, a lack of ability to take any positive action, and I must be really awful to be around when I am like that. It sneaks up on me sometimes too. It can be triggered by a poor night’s sleep, a bad dream or just for no reason at all.

I get annoyed with myself because I know better. I know logically that if I take some action, like going for a walk, that I will probably feel better. The worst part of it is that I see myself in this state and I really don’t like what I see (I actually detest what I see!)

When these moments arise I have to remind myself that they will pass. They always do – unless I do something silly like resign from a job because I temporarily think I can’t do it anymore – or other such silly decisions. I have learned to chill these days and not make hasty decisions when I am not at my best. I guess it is just part of being human.