Me, helpless?

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Thanks to Plinky prompts for today’s topic: What is my worst quality as a human and why I think it is bad?

Sometimes I feel helpless and it seems insurmountable to overcome it. I really don’t like myself when I am like that. It involves a lack of self-confidence, a lack of ability to take any positive action, and I must be really awful to be around when I am like that. It sneaks up on me sometimes too. It can be triggered by a poor night’s sleep, a bad dream or just for no reason at all.

I get annoyed with myself because I know better. I know logically that if I take some action, like going for a walk, that I will probably feel better. The worst part of it is that I see myself in this state and I really don’t like what I see (I actually detest what I see!)

When these moments arise I have to remind myself that they will pass. They always do – unless I do something silly like resign from a job because I temporarily think I can’t do it anymore – or other such silly decisions. I have learned to chill these days and not make hasty decisions when I am not at my best. I guess it is just part of being human.


11 thoughts on “Me, helpless?

  1. No need to feel hopeless have just spent the afternoon with mum for her birthday we are all connected to more than we realize . Enjoy this connection px

  2. Rather than detesting it, have you considered accepting that as part of who you are? I believe that when we embrace ourselves as a whole, the good with the bad, our potential to grow becomes much greater.

  3. Wondering what Plinky prompts were. How do you get that cool sidebar of all the blogs you follow? I feel behind the times on what is new. I enjoyed reading your post today and didn’t mean to digress. Thanks for taking time to stop by the blog today and write a nice comment, Lorraine.

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