Conversation with my freezer

Write a conversation with an inanimate object (a variation of a WordPress prompt)

my freezer 001

Me. I am very disappointed in you! Last night I was all set to use that free sample of Iced Coffee that came with the groceries! All I needed was ice and you couldn’t deliver!

Freezer. Well, that is a bit unfair to blame ME! Sure I can make ice any time of day or night but I need YOU to put the ingredients together. Don’t blame me.

Me. You are such a pain! I don’t ask much of you. Just now, I wanted to spruce you up a bit as you were covered in bread crumbs. All you could do back at me was BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! How am I supposed to give you a wash and keep the door shut at the same time.

Freezer. Well, if you slowed down a bit and took more care there would not be any bread crumbs to clean up!

Me. That is easy for you to say. You just have to stay in one spot and do one thing – freeze! I have a lot more demands on me than you do.

Freezer. You need to relax more, to CHILL OUT, live in the moment….

Me. OK you win this time 🙂