Self belief

Prescription placebos used in research and pra...

Prescription placebos used in research and practice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I watched a TV show last night about an experiment where several people took part in what they thought was a scientific trial of a new drug. There was a lot of hype to build up their belief in the drug, which in reality was a sugar pill. These people were able to do incredible feats such as overcoming their greatest fears, giving up smoking and finding relief from allergies. This all was made possible because their believed in the “miracle drug” they were taking.


Eventually they learned that the scientific experiment was really about the effectiveness of the placebo and their belief in it. The progress they achieved continued after they learned it was just a sugar pill. And why not? They ACTUALLY DID achieve the results themselves and they could rightly be proud of their achievements.


So what can we do to increase our belief in ourselves? I wish there was a pill that would do it for me, but, failing that, here are some ideas that have helped me:


  • Driving – sometimes I get nervous when driving: I remind myself of my experience and good record on the roads
  • Social situations – if nothing else works I just keep quiet and keep breathing and smile 🙂
  • Work situations – I try to choose words that inspire confidence – even if I am not feeling confident at the time
  • I recognise that I am not alone in doubting myself at times and have compassion on myself.


PLEASE share with me what works for you. I could really do with some inspiration today 😉