Month: February 2013

Weekly photo challenge: Forward

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The human race is moving forever forward without ceasing. This photo, taken over 40 years ago, shows four generations of my family. The young baby (my parents’ first grandchild) is now in his forties and has a son about 18 years old :-). My parents had 15 (I think) grandchildren and many great-grandchildren (I lost count on how many!) Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward […]

If a picture tells a story, then what is the story behind this picture?

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While sorting boxes of old photos I came across this one – perhaps it was one of my Mum’s, I don’t know. Written on the back are the words “My grateful thanks to you both”. It is not signed. What was the story behind it? He may be a relative as I didn’t know many of my mother’s brothers as they live some distance away. It is a rather serene yet serious photo. What do […]

Blogging and philosophy

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  I am rereading my favourite book at present, “The Consolations of Philosophy” by Alain De Botton. I first read it about ten years ago and found it to be really enlightening and still do, every time I pick it up. The chapters are: Consolation for I. Unpopularity II. Not Having Enough Money III. Frustration IV. Inadequacy V. A Broken Heart VI. Difficulties Each chapter has gems of wisdom but the one that struck me […]

Aravina Estate

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We had a lovely day on Tuesday when we went out for lunch with some friends at Aravina Estate!   Check out the link to their website – the gardens are beautiful! The food was lovely – I had a mains dish of lamb, Pavlova for dessert followed by coffee. Sometimes I get so caught up in my office that I forget there is another world out there 🙂 cheers Lorraine 🙂  

“I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”

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It was a very hot day in Fitzroy Crossing – unbearably hot. My husband, two sons and a group of friends went off to the river for a swim. My new baby was about four months old so I used him as an excuse to stay home. I wasn’t feeling very well (it turned out that I had mastitis, but that is another story!) I felt a bit guilty not going because a new family […]

Defining moments

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For days I have tried to come up with something interesting to write about. Sometimes ideas come to me and I can’t wait to hit the keyboard. This week I have drafted a couple but I was not at all inspired. Even so, I am at it once again, hoping that once I make a start the words will come! Waiting, waiting, waiting…. This is a story about Father Jeffery, a Catholic Priest that encouraged […]

The most surreal experience I have ever had…

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I love surreal experiences. I can remember a few over the years: 1.  I clearly remember in Fitzroy Crossing when a man swam through flood waters to arrive, dripping wet, to shop in the supermarket. He acted like he did it all the time 🙂 2. Shortly after arriving at Numbulwar (a remote community in the Northern Territory) I saw three Indigenous men in traditional dress and armed with spears heading off past my house […]

Hosting an exchange student

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I am naive sometimes. You see, some years back I was invited to join a Rotary Club. I met the President for coffee and I agreed to become a member. It is a big commitment, meeting once a week, every week. No sooner had I become a member and there was a big split in the Club. Not over me – there were two factions vying for leadership at Change Over. Someone came up with […]

Weekly photo challenge: Home

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This week’s photo challenge has taken me on quite a journey! Just recently I asked my son what does he say when someone asks him “Where did you grow up?” In reality we moved about quite a bit. It has always been an adventure and I hope the positives have out weighed the negatives for my lads. Here is a sample of some of the places I have called HOME over the years! The first […]

Irreplaceable history is destroyed

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Plinky Prompt: A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. How do you feel? Plinky prompt In 2010 I was shocked to hear that a fire destroyed the Claremont Council Chambers and Library. I am linked to the building through a family connection. One of my Mum’s family  traced her father’s and my Grandfather’s (Arthur King) ancestry. I learned that Arthur’s father, James King, was the first Mayor of […]