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Can anyone tell me who these men are? A clue – one of them is retiring from West Australian State Government in the near future?

If you can tell me who they ALL are, I will reblog one of your posts (your choice which one) on my blog!

Let the competition begin. Good luck!




  1. Graham Campbell, Kevin Leahy, mark neville, Peter Walsh, Tom Helm and Tom Stephens ( he is retiring from Pilbara next Election) 🙂 D34

    • Mmmm – I didn’t think anyone would get it! You win 🙂 Would you like me to reblog one of your posts? Your choice! I am very impressed. Lorraine

      • You put the names in the tags 🙂 I had to google who was retiring 🙂 I will leave it up to you which post to reblog 🙂 D 34

      • Well done. I noticed that you named the pollies in the same order as I had them in my tags. The knowledge about Tom Stephens fooled me 😉 Thanks for taking part in the fun. The photo was taken 20 years ago when I wrote for a regional newspaper (and took the photos as well).

      • I hope if you took the photo now their would be a women in it 🙂 Our local paper also gets their reporters to take photos (my daughter recently was on work experience). D 34

    • I am not sure who the ALP candidate will be however the National’s Brendon Gryls is running for the seat. I will have to do a google and find out. I’m not as closely involved in politics these days 🙂

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