Any port in a storm

IMG_0016I found this ticket among my photos and had a chuckle at the memory of that night. My work colleague and I attended the function as we shared office space with the Small Business people plus we thought we should show our support. It was a formal affair so Chris and I had to find something suitable for the occasion. We both found lovely formal gowns at the right price. Their earlier life was in a Formal Wear Hire business and they were as good as new.

The food was great and there was plenty to drink – probably too much! We knew a lot of the people at the function as they were local business people – so generally a great atmosphere. We had a Local Shire Councillor at our table who was very tipsy. I wasn’t drinking so when the glasses of port were handed out he took mine for himself. That was fine by me, however… the next thing I saw was the contents of the glass flying in my direction down the front of my evening gown!

Who knows why he did such as silly thing. I was so amazed that I didn’t get angry. A lot of people around us were horrified. The night got a lot worse for our Councillor friend and he ended up on the front page of the West Australian newspaper the next day. It seems he continued his drinking spree after the function and took guests back to the Council Chambers and created some mayhem there.

Next day I had the Mayor on the phone wanting me to take action against the Councillor but I am not vindictive and couldn’t see the point. The said Councillor sent me a dozen long-stemmed red roses and offered to pay for the cleaning of my evening gown. I was happy with that outcome πŸ™‚



Figure of a Woman (Before the Theater)

Figure of a Woman (Before the Theater) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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