The most surreal experience I have ever had…

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I love surreal experiences. I can remember a few over the years:

1.  I clearly remember in Fitzroy Crossing when a man swam through flood waters to arrive, dripping wet, to shop in the supermarket. He acted like he did it all the time 🙂

2. Shortly after arriving at Numbulwar (a remote community in the Northern Territory) I saw three Indigenous men in traditional dress and armed with spears heading off past my house to go hunting in the bush. Just days before I was living in Melbourne.

3. I went hunting in the Kimberley with a group of Indigenous women. They caught a big King Brown snake and a goanna. I saw a young child with some goanna in one hand and chocolate eclair in the other.

Éclairs are most commonly served as a dessert.

Éclairs are most commonly served as a dessert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. We flew to London in 2008 –  my first visit after many years of dreaming about it. We arrived about 6.00am and couldn’t check into our rooms straight away. We decided to go for breakfast somewhere. We found a Turkish Cafe with several men sitting outside enjoying their smoking implements (no idea WHAT they were smoking). For breakfast we had Turkish cakes. This was not how I expected London to be! It will always be my first impression of London :-).



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