If a picture tells a story, then what is the story behind this picture?

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Blog 2013 / Friends and family / Motivation


While sorting boxes of old photos I came across this one – perhaps it was one of my Mum’s, I don’t know. Written on the back are the words “My grateful thanks to you both”. It is not signed. What was the story behind it? He may be a relative as I didn’t know many of my mother’s brothers as they live some distance away. It is a rather serene yet serious photo.

What do you think the story could be?


  1. Perhaps he had been through a hard time, a loss. He needed a place to stay where people cared for him. His eyes downcast a bit, not a direct look or gaze. Pensive. How relaxed and comfortable is the cat. They’ve been through a lot and the cat is there for him. I like the idea of photos as writing prompt!

    • Thanks for your ideas Ruth. I, too, thought there was a bereavement, loss or difficult time and there is a real sense of unity between the man and the cat.

  2. Maybe the photo was taken by a budding photographer and s/he wrote the note on the back to thank the man and the cat for posing. 😀

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