What attracts you to the blogs you read or follow?

money box 003When I look at the blogs I subscribe to I can see a pattern emerge. Here are some of my preferences:

  • I am really drawn to blogs with interesting photos
  • I enjoy learning about different cultures
  • I love wise quotes that make me think
  • I follow some bloggers because I feel I have come to know them over a period of time and like what I see
  • I am not good on reading long blogs – I like to read up to about 500 words
  • Blogs that are calm and peaceful add value to my day
  • Funny blogs – of course, we all have our own ideas about what is funny or not
  • Positive personal development such as found in reviews of good books or different philosophies

So, what sort of blogs do you like to read? Would you like to take part in my poll below?

9 thoughts on “What attracts you to the blogs you read or follow?

    • Thanks for taking part πŸ™‚ I’m glad you liked the idea. I find it interesting to discover the diversity of blogs out there. To think that some people don’t even know that blogging exists!!!

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  2. I had a few I wanted to check.I see I can only check one. Thank you for visiting my blog.You have written about some very interesting topics. I will read them ,whenever I visit your blog.

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