Weekly writing challenge: The State of the Nation

English: Julia Gillard

English: Julia Gillard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


WordPress is encouraging bloggers to take on a divisive issue so I have decided to swim with the sharks on this one!


Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is doing it tough but I still support her government. Many don’t. Her opponents think she should resign and go away quietly. Julia is our first female Prime Minister. She challenged the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, in a leadership ballot three years ago and she won. She has faced two more leadership ballots, the latest one being Thursday 21 March 13. A national election will be held later this year.


Julia has taken on some enormous challenges and I believe, has implemented significant legislation such as: a carbon pricing system; a new tax on the “Super” profits of mining companies; her team have managed to keep Australia out of recession and employment has increased under their leadership.


Criticism directed at our Prime Minister is very personal and her crimes include:


  • she has a “twang” in her voice made fun of by the media
  • she has a big nose
  • she is an atheist living in a de facto relationship (she doesn’t push her personal beliefs on to others)
  • some say she has a big bum (I am sure mine is probably bigger but we won’t go there!)


Why are these issues important? If she was a man, would these issues get any air play in Australia? I don’t think so.


I confess I don’t support her policy on asylum seekers and the decision to process them off shore. I have great compassion for people escaping their repressive and dangerous  countries and wanting a better life.


One cannot help but admire her inner strength against such incredible pressure and criticism. She is an inspiration along the lines of Maggie Thatcher but the other side of the political spectrum.


It is not my intention here to build a defense for Julia Gillard or to give an account of her government’s performance. I am trying to express my opinion and hopefully stimulate some debate about our Prime Minister and perhaps about women in leadership generally.


So, what do you think?









12 thoughts on “Weekly writing challenge: The State of the Nation

  1. Julia has done a remarkable job in getting policy translated into legislation, given the hung parliament situation. As for the personal criticisms….you are quite right: if Julia were a man, we would be seeing none of this in the media.

  2. Lorraine, I am ignorant of the political situation and have nothing sensible to add. Oh dear.
    Thanks for the like on my blog today.

    I enjoy reading your blog and just finished a story about a woman who walked the Pacific Crest Trail. It was called Wild From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. I saw your Appalachian Trail Tab and wondered if you would be interested in it.

    • Thanks for your comments Ruth and for the tip about the Pacific Crest Trail. My son walked the Appalachian Trail last year and was considering doing the PCT this year 🙂

  3. p.s. The criticism of her is clearly unfair and uncalled for and you are right it is because she is female. Surprised they haven’t commented on her hair or outfits, too

  4. Frankly I have been disappointed in our Prime Minister. I recognize that being a MP, and a PM can be a challenging due to the pressure from the media. Several of her decisions I have not liked. Personally I believe it would have seen better if she addressed introducing nuclear power, and eliminating coal power stations, instead of introducing a carbon tax. That would addressed several factors, emission of carbon dioxide, and sulfide and nitrates which have flow on effects to increased acidity, and smog, and increase the greenhouse effect. Nuclear power is cleaner, and some argue that it is more dangerous, but more people die from coal mines than nuclear power. Also, in Sydney we do have a nuclear plant…used for medicine not power. I would prefer to live next to a nuclear station than a coal power station, less smog and air pollution!

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