Time out for reflection – here’s how I did it

Every now and again we need to stop and reassess where we are going with our lives – just like I did ten years ago. I traveled to a small coastal community called Hopetoun in Western Australia to spend a few days gaining some perspective on my life. I stayed in a lovely rammed earth unit and equipped myself with some light reading material and some favourite food to nurture my soul (chocolate bullets and ice-cream of course)!

The weather was overcast and this suited my mood. I enjoyed some quiet time by the beach with no one else in sight. It was so calm and peaceful and I felt more a part of the environment than an observer of it.

I came away from the experience feeling nourished and reinvigorated. It was a precious few days and I urge others to try it sometime ;-). Very good for the soul.



3 thoughts on “Time out for reflection – here’s how I did it

  1. These overcast photos contrast perfectly with the blue skies in the preceding post. These shots are more conducive to introspection and retreat. Thanks, Lorraine.

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