What is a statue Grandma?

My grandson, who is two years and eight months old (3 in July) had me lost for words. He pointed at the object in question and said, “What is that Grandma?” I replied  “It is a statue Alex!”  He was not satisfied with that answer and came back with “What is a statue, Grandma?”  I fumbled for an adequate answer but by that time he had moved on…

Later that day I went for a walk on my own and took a photo of the “statue” or is it really a sculpture? It is situated outside the Seymour Tourist Information Centre which is housed in the former Court House. Seymour has a significant number of heritage buildings and no doubt has a rich history to match. Due to our short stay, there was no opportunity to explore in-depth.statue or sculpture

We did have a drive to nearby Yea and discovered it has an amazing bakery. I couldn’t resist buying these two Jack in a Box biscuits for my two grandsons! The decorations are actually made from coloured chocolate, not icing as I first thought.




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