Day: April 13, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

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Moving house, as we did in May 2010, is definitely a big change. We also changed from living in a big house in the city to a smaller house in the South West. I must say that I do miss my old kitchen sometimes 🙂 but I DO love living in the country in near to the beach.   Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Change ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Change ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Change […]

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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We can’t get through our days without constantly making decisions. Some time ago I came up with a formula that works well for me. I will share what has helped me in the past and you may find it useful too. 1. If you decide to go with Plan A and not Plan B, ask yourself if it is taking you forward in your life or is it going backwards. Be sure you are not just […]