Decisions, decisions, decisions…


We can’t get through our days without constantly making decisions. Some time ago I came up with a formula that works well for me. I will share what has helped me in the past and you may find it useful too.

1. If you decide to go with Plan A and not Plan B, ask yourself if it is taking you forward in your life or is it going backwards. Be sure you are not just running away from a current situation but moving towards a much better option.

2. Is it logical? Is it the sort of thing that people would anticipate you doing? These questions help you to see if the decision is consistent with who you are and not just a spontaneous decision that is out of character. A spontaneous decision can still be a “right” decision however check with those who know you well and test their reactions – then make the choice yourself.

3. Is it legal, ethical, right, moral etc? Sometimes we can be overtaken by our emotions or even the influence of others. Check your own value system and see if the decision still sits comfortably and that it is something that won’t take away your peace of mind.

4. Does it fit with where you are at in your life at present? Does it flow on from what you are doing now or is it outrageously different. It is ok to be different but identify if it is really YOU or just a moment of madness.

Finally, I usually consult with friends and or family and get their point of view but then go ahead and make my own decision and be happy with the outcome. Sometimes decisions are neutral and are neither right nor wrong. It is what we make of our choices that  all the difference.



One thought on “Decisions, decisions, decisions…

  1. I read your interesting post about plan A and B.I am not sure which one I will pick.I usually pick what my heart tells me to.I was always left to decide everything myself.

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