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Yesterday I was trying to find the words to an old hymn about Zion City. I have a hymn book so I determined to go through it page by page until I found it. I was confident I would recognise the words once I found the page. I pride myself on my patience at doing tedious jobs and felt very virtuous patiently flipping through the pages. I stopped to reflect on the words of some of my old favourites. After some time I got tired of it as there are 624 hymns in the book and I had only made it to #370!

I resorted to the modern approach of finding stuff and did a Google search and found it in less than ten seconds. Now that I had the first line of the hymn (Glorious things of you are spoken, Sion city of our God) I checked to see if it was even in the book and it was number 374! I was only four pages away from finding it when I gave up.

When we tire of a project we never know how far away success/achievement would have been if we persevered for a bit longer!