In memory of my Mum – 02 January 1922 – 25 April 2005

Mum and Dad with their first grandson, Robert in 1968

Mum and Dad with their first grandson, Robert in 1968

Mum was born in Williamstown, Victoria on 2 January 1922. It is eight years today since my Mum passed away. I decided to share some of my memories of my Mum today.

  • I remember when I was walking home from school she often walked toward the school to meet me. I was always pleased to see her in the distance.
  • Sometimes we went to Goulding’s Cafe and had a malted milkshake and a chat while listening to some music on the Juke Box
  • She had lots of sayings but in particular, we learned the Golden Rule from her  – do unto others as you would have others do unto  you.
  • Mum was a Nurse and worked various shifts. I will always remember her dressed in her navy and white striped uniform. She always smelt so pleasant as well. Often she had a lolly in her pocket and she would give it to me as she left the house – perhaps to distract me from feeling sad about her leaving me behind 😦
  • My siblings and I will never forget her insistence that we made our beds properly with “hospital corners”. It is something that stuck and I still feel bad if I do a sloppy job of it.
  • Another saying comes to mind: if you smile, the world smiles with you; if you cry, you cry alone. I struggle with that one considering my experience of depression over the years!
  • Yet another saying, and I believe a good one: if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.
  • I really took Mum for granted during the early part of my life. She was a very giving person found it hard to say NO to anything I asked for. She gave of her time by visiting me when I lived away from home. This meant giving up her free time on her days off. She also welcomed my family into her house at a moment’s notice or no notice at all. I would turn up with my three sons and she always accommodated us. We took over her home, her routine and her resources. Where Mum and Dad lived was always the central focus for the family.
  • Mum loved her work and was well known in the local community. She was present at the delivery of many people and then went on the be present at the delivery of the following generation!
  • She was well known and loved by many.

Lots of fond memories to hold on to.


10 thoughts on “In memory of my Mum – 02 January 1922 – 25 April 2005

  1. What a lovely tribute to a dear mother. I know she was proud of her wonderful daughter- YOU. I enjoyed reading her sayings and thinking of you sharing a malted milkshake. Thanks for sharing your memories of your mum today. I know you miss her.

  2. Mums are such extraordinary people.My mum said the the same things yours did.She always welcomed everyone just like yours.I am sure she left a lasting effect on you.The way you’ve written about her proves it.We cannot have them forever at least the memory of your Mum is a huge consolation. I loved reading your post. Thank you very much.

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