Weekly photo challenge: From above

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I left my home town in country Victoria to live in Melbourne when I was seventeen. I have moved lots of times since then but I have never gone back to live in Cohuna. It is a small town with a population of around 2,200 people. I go back to visit family periodically. Here are some photos of Cohuna taken “from above”.

Yesterday I found a video of Cohuna posted by a school friend who still lives there. It almost made me want to go back there to live 🙂





    • Yes, it looks a lot better to me at 58 years old than it did when I was 17 🙂 Thanks for viewing!

  1. It looks beautiful. There is always a powerful connection with the first area you live in, even if you leave very young

  2. I visited Cohuna on a trip this last February, Sydney to Broken Hill, Swifts Creek and Batemans Bay (Long Beach) You have a spectacularly beautiful country there girl!

    • There aren’t many people who can say they have been to Cohuna! Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂

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