If I could say just one thing about blogging…

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Blog 2013 / Weekly Photo Challenge / Writing

EmuIf I was to give a new blogger some advice, I would say to write as often as you can and enjoy it. The more often you write, the easier it will get. Ideas for topics pop into your head. If you write regularly you will probably find and start to follow some interesting fellow bloggers with similar interests and this is an unexpected pleasure!

When I started my blog at the end of 2011 I had no idea I would be still having fun with it in May 2013. I tried to write every day in that first year but didn’t always succeed. Now I try to write two or three times a week. An interesting and enjoyable side benefit is taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenge. I get the opportunity to do a blog and to let the picture tell most of the story.

So what advice would you give to a new blogger? What has kept you going?

cheers for now




  1. My advice . . . enjoy the JOURNEY of blogging. Don’t worry about reaching a destination of a certain number of views, posts, followers, etc.

    • Yes, I agree the journey is the most important and enjoyable part of blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

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