Top ten reasons to eat cake!

English: A cake.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like cake. I like almost any sort of cake. I don’t eat it very often however there are lots of good reasons to indulge. Such as:


  1. All those calories give me energy to clean the house
  2. I am assisting the economy by being a good consumer
  3. I don’t want to offend my friend by saying no
  4. It tastes good and is a momentary pleasure – which must be good for me
  5. Most cakes have eggs in them and they are high in protein and protein is important in my diet
  6. Carrot cakes are healthy because they have carrots in them
  7. Nut loaf and pecan pie are healthy because nuts are good for me
  8. Having to choose which cake to eat is good for my brain and keeps it active
  9. Sharing a cake with someone can build togetherness and we all need that
  10. Who needs a reason!
English: cake "Garash"

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheers, I am heading out for coffee and cake 🙂




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