Mystery muck, marron and Mojo’s

2013-05-23 13.19.06Last Christmas my son and daughter-in-law gave us a generous voucher for a meal at their favourite restaurant, Mojo’s in Bunbury. Because we don’t often go to Bunbury we were at risk of the gift voucher expiring before the end of the financial year. We made a booking for lunch on Thursday (yesterday).

We were both looking forward to having a feast and a pleasant day out. On our drive to Bunbury (about 50 kms from home) we crossed a bridge into what appeared to be a very muddy stretch of road. Whatever it was, covered our windscreen and most of our car. We couldn’t see out of the window until the wipers kicked in. We soon realised it wasn’t mud as it had a distinct smell or a cow paddock! It is a mystery how it got there – I was hoping it rated a mention in today’s papers but more important things must have taken its place.

We drove on to Bunbury and I looked on my smart phone for a car wash. I found several on my phone but couldn’t locate them in the real world! We had planned to briefly catch up with my son at his work so we rocked up there with a really dirty and smelly car. Thanks Andrew for your great efforts in cleaning it for us.

We eventually got to Mojo’s and had a really lovely meal and relaxing time. It just goes to show that things don’t always work out as planned. We both had Donnybrook Marron Paella for our meal followed by profiteroles, ice-cream and coffee.

On the return journey there was a major clean up in progress near the bridge – several trucks, a road sweeper and a partly closed road! Our garage still smells a bit like a cow shed ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Mystery muck, marron and Mojo’s

  1. At least you enjoyed the food. The 50 km drive and the smell,must have taken the enthusiasm slightly of having a great meal.I’m glad it worked out okay for you in the end.

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