Weekly photo challenge: Signs

Cook Nullabor PlainsThe year was 1974, I was traveling on the Indian Pacific from Perth, Western Australia to Port Augusta in South Australia. This sign really took my fancy. Cook is tiny little community situated on the Nullabor Plains. Their hospital was obviously in dire straights if they had to advertise for patients. Just if you can’t read it, it says…”If you are crook, come to Cook. Our hospital needs your help, get sick.”

As you can tell by the pattern on the photo it has been tucked away in an old album for nearly forty years.

For more information about Cook press HERE


Lorraine 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Signs

  1. That’s a bit hard to get your head round where I come from and people are sleeping in corridors because they can’t get beds. Sort of makes you shake your head doesn’t it

    • Ah Ha! Yes, it can mean that or it can mean you are ill! Thanks for asking – I love the way we can communicate globally and discover these little differences 🙂

      • Thanks. From your explanation of the sign, that’s what I figured it meant in this context . . . but when I read the sign BEFORE reading your comments, I thought someone wanted a dishonest cook. 😉

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