9 posts until I reach 500!

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Baby Boomers / Blog 2013 / Friends and family

After this post I will have only 8 more until I reach 500 posts. 🙂

IMG_0032There is someone important missing in this photo! Where is he?

IMG_0006There he is! The one in the middle 🙂

Dedicated to my amazing three sons! I would like to say how much I love them but that might embarrass them 😉


  1. The photographs are gorgeous, your sons are cute.Eight more to go and you will complete five hundred,it’s amazing.Keep writing you’ll get there before you know it.I’ll be waiting at the finish line to congratulate you!

  2. Lets be honest, that’s a hell of an achievement. I’m miles off that target, so I know how many hours of thought are enshrined in your lovely Blog

    • Thanks for your thoughts. It has taken me quite a while to get here! Sometimes it is much harder to write than at other times 🙂

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