8 posts until I reach 500!

Now that I am getting close to 500 posts I am keen to get there! And I feel I need to have something special for my 500th post. However today I want to talk about how we spend our time – or more accurately – how I spend my time.

My old workplace

My old workplace in Perth (Dumas House), Western Australia

No paid projects these last few weeks and lots of time on my hands. It is so ingrained in me from my childhood that I must get all my work done before I allow myself to indulge in some relaxation. I am not terribly good at relaxing. There are some things that I can do to fill in my time, and these are:

  • fiddling with my allaboutwordswa blog site
  • building my new blog/website for my business – I have spent many hours doing that Naturaliste Business Writing Solutions WA
  • designing my nice new business cards
  • reading – I recently found an author I like and am working my way through her suspense novels (Mary Higgins Clark). I received $100 voucher for Amazon.com and am spending it fairly quickly
  • reading the local papers – it’s always good to know what the local issues are. One of the places where I was working has lost their funding from the City Council
  • tidying up my electronic filing system
  • when I get really stuck there is always housework to be done 😦
  • I do have some uncompleted studies that I can go back to as well – I might have to consider that. I need to keep learning or my brain may seize up on me due to lack of use.

So there you go, that’s what I have been up to lately :-). I need to be more proactive about finding some work soon. I am going to a workshop in a few weeks on developing a Facebook page – hopefully that will help generate some business.



PS No kidding, I just had a phone call about some possible work – the Universe is listening!

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