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I subscribe to a magazine called “50 Something”. It is part of National Seniors Australia who advocate for the rights of seniors (over 50’s in this case) in Australia. In the April/May edition of the magazine they did a feature on the trend for seniors to move to a country location on retirement – what we call the “tree change” or “sea change” lifestyle. The article encouraged readers to seriously do their research before making such decisions. Many people decide to move to what was previously their favourite holiday destination. Living in a community is very different from going there for a holiday.

I have just received the June/July edition and am struck by the number of people who endorsed (because of their own experience) the need for serious consideration before moving to the country.

We made the decision to move to the country three years ago. We don’t regret our decision as we love where we live however I do miss the friends I had in the city. I have kept in touch with some but it is much harder to keep the friendships goingย  – we can’t meet for the occasional coffee or a quick lunch. Most of my friends in the city are still in full-time employment.

Just as well that I have my blogging buddies to communicate with now ๐Ÿ™‚



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