My 500th blog post

number500Today I celebrate my 500th blog posting! WOW! I started blogging on 28 December in 2010! This is what I had to say in my very first post:

“I want to share my thoughts about life and its purpose. I want to pose questions that are eternal! Why are we here? Does it matter, what we do? Is my role in life predestined?

When I was growing up, I was taught by nuns in the Catholic Church. I hung onto those thoughts and beliefs for many years. They were good for me at times in my life. Overall, I think they had a very negative impact on my self-esteem. I started to study philosophy and see the world from a different perspective.”

***I had to really restrain myself from changing the above words as I would say it very differently today!

As I reflect on my blogging journey, I also reflect on my life journey. Blogging has given me a platform to express myself like I have never done before. I write and post photos because I have something to say and share. My blogging has evolved just as my life’s course has evolved – it is all ONE journey!

I greatly appreciate it when someone reads my blog or “likes” it or both. This is my opportunity to thank YOU!

I have not chased the statistics and I obviously will never be a star blogger but that is OK. Thanks for joining me on my journey and for teaching me about other interesting parts of the world, different cultures, age groups, interests, and perspectives.

This blog would not beΒ complete without an enormous THANK YOU to WordPress for enabling all this to happen. You are awesome!


22 thoughts on “My 500th blog post

  1. Woo Hoo! I feel much the same as you when it comes to “why” I blog. And, like you, I don’t get bogged down in the blog stats . . . I just enjoy the journey and the connections.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!
    Waiting to celebrate your 1,000th blog post
    We as a readers are lucky to share with you what you write.
    Good Luck

  3. Congratulations on your 500th! I was feeling quite chuffed with myself the other day for reaching my 50th! Quite a ways to go to catch up to you….well done πŸ™‚

  4. I’m rather glad you didn’t change the words. If you had, you would’ve been changing your personal truth!
    I have to agree, and disagree…
    I feel, as I see so many people who have really been hurt and negatively impacted by the Catholic dogma, that we are right to question their intent and turn away from the misleading path created by men. However, is philosophy not just following the path of some other man’s ideas? Also misleading?
    So… we have been known to exchange blogging ideas… I hope your blogging continues to help others find meaning… and maybe inner truth and strength!
    I will repeat one of my oft used quotes…
    True Faith heals… religion kills!
    Religion is man-made… and anything man-made has a tenancy to only suit a few individuals… and mislead many more!

    • Hi Vossey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts there. I mostly agree with you! I am incubating another blog in my head about my journey in seeking the truth and wisdom πŸ™‚

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