Weekly photo challenge: Curves

Today I am including a photo of a painting by John Blakeley we were given recently. It was on its way to a charity shop when my neighbour asked us if we would be interested in it. The original blue frame was in reasonably good condition but the glass panel at the front was slightly damaged. We decided to get it re-framed and, to be honest, I am not really sure if I like it or not :-). We haven’t found the right spot to hang it as yet!

“Born in the United Kingdom in 1944, John Blakeley studied in the UK and Zambia, becoming a painter and teacher. He arrived in Perth in the early 1970s where he undertook further studies at the West Australian Institute of Technology and lectured in art at tertiary institutions. Known for his painting in charcoal and oxides, and for his fibre sculptures in sisal, jute and mixed media, Blakeley has exhibited in Australia since 1973. His work is represented in institutional and private collections.”  (This information is sourced from John Blakeley)

John Blakely 001

I did some research and found information about the artist (he passed away some years ago) but I can’t clearly identify the name of the painting. I think it is called “Snowy River”.

It definitely has some curves so I chose it for today’s photo challenge 🙂