Anniversary and Birthday

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Yesterday it was our first wedding anniversary and also Tom’s birthday – a good excuse for some fine dining at Brookland Valley Winery’s Restaurant, Flutes. You will find some reviews if you click on Flutes Restaurant.

We had a lovely day. For most of the luncheon we were the only people in the restaurant, Monday being a very slow day.

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The bush setting with the view of the lake really adds to the ambiance of the place.




  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    We celebrated our 29th Anniversary on Sunday . . . by doing nothing. We didn’t feel like braving the Father’s Day crowds by going out to eat. Maybe we’ll go out on Wednesday or Thursday to our favorite island restaurant ~ The Waterfront.

    • and a Happy Anniversary to you as well πŸ™‚
      Father’s is not until the first Sunday in September here so it wasn’t a problem!

      • You inspired us! Thanks!

        We went out for lunch today . . . FABULOUS. I had truffled mac & cheese (decadent!) and BFF had a crab cake sandwich and fries. Everything about the meal was PERFECT!

      • Very tasty crab cake.

        Thanks for taking the quiz. I thought it was too fun not to share.

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