Social networking blunders

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This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library’s webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love social networking however I suspect some of my friends and email contacts may be a little “over” getting information from me. I recently set up a website (through WordPress) for my business and last week I set up a Facebook page as well. I am also active on LinkedIn and that is where the problem started.

LinkedIn opened up with my email address and asked for my password and I dutifully supplied it without thinking. What happened next is regrettable! All my email contacts received a message asking them to link up with me. Many of my contacts don’t have any knowledge of LinkedIn and don’t want to either. LinkedIn seemed to send emails to people who weren’t in my contact list but are people I email on a regular basis.

My first reaction was to send an email out to everyone to apologize for the influx of unwanted mail. Then I realised I would be adding insult to the injury. Sometimes these mediums can be very UN-sociable. I think my problem is that I am too keen and don’t always consider the implications of pressing a button or two. Hopefully I am learning from experience as I would like to keep in touch with my friends and colleagues.

And, if you haven’t seen my Facebook page and my website, the addresses are below. I think I will leave LinkedIn OUT on this occasion 🙂



Facebook –

Web –

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