What a day!

West Australian June 2010From mid-morning until now (9:00pm) I have been captivated by the unfolding of yet another leadership challenge in the Australian political system. It went to a vote and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd defeated the current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, in a ballot for the leadership. The vote was 57 to 45.

I have never seen so much political analysis and speculation as the experts tried to fill in the time while the politicians were changing the landscape. I know many people will be pleased with the outcome and yet others will be very disappointed. I am inspired by the strength and courage of Julia Gillard and I believe she will be remembered as one of our greatest performers in Australian politics. I know some will disagree with me and I respect their right to do so.

I am grateful that I live in a democracy where these debates and differences can be dealt with without blood shed. I hope we can now reflect on the positive achievements of the past three years and move forward with strength.