Reading and writing

This weekend I am attending a two-day course in Bunbury to become a tutor in the Read, Write Now program in my community. I am really looking forward to it. It is four days training in total, presented over two weekends. I have been a literacy tutor in the past and enjoyed the experience greatly.

People who cannot read or write (in their first or second language) are at a real disadvantage. I became aware of this in the 1980’s when I was living in Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It was election time and information was only available in a written format in English. Many of the adult Indigenous people had limited English language skills and tended to make their decisions based on the friendliness and rapport of whatever politician was visiting at the time. It struck me as being very unfair.

This experience prompted me to work with the local people to help improve their reading and writing. It was the first time I became aware of how much I enjoy reading and writing and determined to use these skills in my life and in my career. That insight has impacted on many decisions over the years and I am excited to be going back to where I started with the Adult Literacy program.



13 thoughts on “Reading and writing

  1. Your students will be very lucky to have you as a tutor. I’m sure they will learn as much from your curiosity and your own desire to constantly learn and grow as they will from the program. Well done, Lorraine!

  2. Great, GREAT project and I applaud your involvement with it. Here in the States, we have something similar called Reading is Fundamental. In the late 70s (when I was in college) I was part of a Congressional intern program researching literacy stats for the officials crafting the Right to Read bill. A lot of it was number crunching, but to keep us aware of the big picture, each of us spent one full day per week in the Washington D.C. pilot program. I came away SO impressed with the tutors and philosophy behind the project.
    You have all my respect! I hope you’ll blog more about the 2 day course and keep us apprised of your community efforts!

  3. Beautiful photos! I am touched that your instinct in that scenario was to help people develop their language skills, which will help them in countless ways, rather than create some sort of media that would cater those with limited skills. Enjoy the course!

  4. Really great post. What a satisfying effort. I used to teach reading, straight reading, but then they combined REading and English and call it “Communications” and I didn’t have the Masters in English required. I look forward to reading about your experiences in this wonderful endeavor.

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