25 July 2013

Mandt Enterprises LogoWhen it comes to blogging, I am running on empty lately! I am distracted by Facebook. I set up a Facebook page for my business and  I am directing my energies in that direction Naturaliste Business Writing Solutions WA It is not as much fun as blogging and difficult to gauge if I am achieving anything or wasting my time. I find that if I do paid ads I get more ‘likes’ but doesn’t necessarily bring me any work. Imagine if we had to pay to get ‘likes’ on WordPress!

So, to get back into blogging I am tapping away at the keyboard without any great ideas to share in an experimental sort of way :-). In my world at present the big news items are:

  • I am seeing (?) an eye doctor this afternoon due to some zig-zag lines and bright lights yesterday
  • I start studying again next week – is this a good idea or not?
  • We are watching lots of 3D movies at home with our recent purchase of a 3D blu-ray player
  • It is only 5 months until Christmas and we are celebrating Christmas in July this Saturday

Hopefully I have broken the “writer’s block” and can get engaged in blogging once again.





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