Six months into 2013 – the fabric of my life

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Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

  • In the first six months of 2013 I divided most of my time between doing some consultancy work and being a Committee Member of the Residents Committee of the life-style village where I live. I assisted three community organisations to apply for grant funding and I was also contracted by three private businesses to undertake work on their behalf.
  • During this time I decided to give my business a complete shake up with a change of name and focus. I had some support through some ‘pro bono’ coaching and the local business enterprise centre.
  • We have visited the city (Perth) at least three times. One time was when we were in transit to a funeral interstate when my Aunt passed away in March at 92 years old. Another friend in his early 60’s passed away two days after my Aunt. The second visit included catching up with some old friends, which was good :-). The third visit was to see an eye specialist.
  • The trip interstate provided a great opportunity to see my son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons. They were the silver lining behind that cloud.
  • April was a bit tough with the recent deaths and took some coming to terms with but it has got easier with time.
  • During these six months we have enjoyed visits from family and friends including an especially nice Mothers Day this year.
  • I saw a dietitian about some ongoing food sensitivities and she recommended I go on the Low FODMAP Diet  – it works better than anything else I have tried (as long as I stick to it anyway).
  • In June I did a one-day training course to set up a business page on Facebook. It was good fun. I have now started a unit of  study about publishing, editing and design. On the learning front, I am also being trained to tutor adults with reading and writing difficulties.
  • And I spent some time blogging too. I passed the 500 blogs marker :-)! So, I wonder what the next six months will hold.



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