So you want to publish, do you?


I just read an article by Cheryl Woodard as part of my current studies. It makes a lot of sense. Have a read below at the link from the website if you would like to know more!

Five Deadly Magazine, Website and Newsletter Publishing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

The five points she refers to include:

  1. Ignoring what your audience needs – this is something so obvious but so difficult! I only want to write about certain topics and I write because I enjoy doing it. Fancy having to consider the market!!!
  2. Underestimating your competition – she encourages us to distinguish how our publications can be different from our competitors. What if you just want to write and don’t fancy doing market research? No income 😦
  3. Trying to do it all by yourself – she suggests that we don’t want others to challenge our opinions. Could this be true?
  4. Thinking only about the next issue, not your future
  5. Taking money from the wrong people – she suggests we could become dependent on financiers at the cost of our editorial integrity.

The website I refer to is




3 thoughts on “So you want to publish, do you?

    • Yes, I currently write mostly about things I want to say. I am not looking for a market for it – I suspect that maybe there isn’t one! I am thinking about writing some readers for adult literacy students though, mainly because there seems to be a gap in that market 🙂

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