Literacy 001

An Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Survey of Literacy found that 46.8% of adult Australians had a literacy level that was “insufficient to meet the complex demands of every day life and work in the emerging knowledge-based economy”. This quote is from a PowerPoint hand-out from my recent training to be a tutor of adults with literacy issues. And we are talking about people with English as their FIRST language. It is a pretty shocking statistic, don’t you think?

So if I was to produce a series of books for adult literacy students, do you think a market exists for such publications? The Read Write Now! people who ran the training course I attended said there is a very limited pool of resources for this group of people. Most resources are targeted at those with English as a second language and their needs are different.

Some of you may know that I am also doing a course in Professional Writing and I need to come up with an idea for a publication. My idea is: Words for Work, getting to first baseā€¦

So, if you were on the look out for this book, where would you start looking? Please take part in my poll today and you will make me one very happy blogger :-). Choose as many answers as you wish.