Day: August 10, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: One shot, Two ways

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One Shot, Two Ways.┬áThis week, photographer Jeff Sinon talked about his process of finding the best shot. Before taking a picture, he studies his scene — looking at a shot horizontally (as a landscape) and vertically (as a portrait)…Click here for more information Today’s photo challenge motivated us to take a drive around Dunsborough and Eagle Bay in search of some good subjects for the photos. As you can see by the grey sky, we […]

Country girl goes to the city

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It was around 1972 that I left my small country town and headed for Melbourne, Victoria. Not long after that I met the man was to marry in October 1973. I worked as a sales assistant at a big department store close to Flinders Street Station. It was a rather “posh” shop where wealthy women liked to relax and spend lots of money :-). My manager, Ms X, was very flamboyant. She told me she […]