Weekly Photo Challenge: One shot, Two ways

10 August 2013 00610 August 2013 005One Shot, Two Ways. This week, photographer Jeff Sinon talked about his process of finding the best shot. Before taking a picture, he studies his scene — looking at a shot horizontally (as a landscape) and vertically (as a portrait)…Click here for more information

Today’s photo challenge motivated us to take a drive around Dunsborough and Eagle Bay in search of some good subjects for the photos. As you can see by the grey sky, we are still experiencing winter weather. I don’t know why I should be surprised as it IS ACTUALLY WINTER still!

Anyway we took some photos then had some lunch in Dunsborough. I had a seriously good meal of seafood chowder at Artezen Cafe.

Good day so far 🙂




Country girl goes to the city

Flinders St Melbourne

It was around 1972 that I left my small country town and headed for Melbourne, Victoria. Not long after that I met the man was to marry in October 1973. I worked as a sales assistant at a big department store close to Flinders Street Station. It was a rather “posh” shop where wealthy women liked to relax and spend lots of money :-).

My manager, Ms X, was very flamboyant. She told me she had space for rent in her home (the lower floor of a two level terraced house and asked if boyfriend and I would be interested in sharing house with her and her boyfriend Mr X. We agreed to move in with them and it all went along very well for a time and we sometimes dined together. A girl-friend from school moved in with us as well.

One evening we had a “dinner party” upstairs in their dining room – all very civilised! The three of us downstairs slept really deeply that night. What we didn’t know was that they had somehow drugged us (true story!). We woke up feeling really groggy but started to get ready for work anyway. It was then that we discovered some things missing – nothing really valuable but obviously MISSING!

After conferring with Mr and Ms X we found they were robbed as well. The police were called in, fingerprints taken amidst shock and excitement (I was on 17 at the time). Once the police had completed their investigations with no results it all went very quiet and life returned to normal.

Due to my boyfriend doing a disappearing act on me (only a temporary one) I decided to move out to other accommodation. It wasn’t long until I heard my fellow tenants were arrested for insurance fraud. They put in a false claim that some expensive jewellery was stolen but that jewellery never existed in the first place. They staged the break-in as part of their scheme to defraud their insurance company, unsuccessfully!

So, you can never be too careful who you dine with!



PS There is another story here in that they were (still are) gay and she was having his baby. It was all a bit too exciting for a girl from the country!