Peter Roy O’Halloran

Last year I did some research on members of the O’Halloran family involved in active service in the Second World War. Today I am including some information about my Uncle Roy who passed away on 21 August 2010 – three years ago today. These photos were taken in the 1940’s. The truck belonged to my father, Ted O’Halloran, and I have vague memories of it from when I was little. I haven’t included the details of their service in the War.


 Early Years

Peter Roy O’Halloran was born in Kerang in October 1917, the fourth child of Joseph and May O’Halloran and one of eight children. They lived in Nugget Street in Kerang and later the family moved to Forest Street in Koondrook.  Roy went to school in Koondrook.  Roy’s father, Joe O’Halloran, commenced work with the Kerang Shire in 1914 as Locomotive Driver and Maintenance Engineer. He worked there for 35 years before his retirement to Channel Street, Cohuna in 1949.

Roy and his brothers helped their father out in his mechanical workshop and learnt many of the basic trade skills from him. Work was hard to find in the local area, apart from occasional work as a farm labourer, often only for his food and keep. Roy went to Bendigo Junior Technical College to train as a motor mechanic.

Roy worked at Troy’s Garage in Barham for six years and later worked for O’Halloran and Devine for nine months before enlisting. Roy’s parents were supportive of his decision to go to war.


11 December 1939: No 1 RD (Recruitment Depot) Laverton Aircraft Hand

§  31 December 1944: Discharged to resume civilian life


§  Return from Active Service Badge 

NB Roy had a range of medals but there is no record of what they were awarded for, apart from the above.


Roy was discharged on 31 December 1944 to return to civilian life.

Just prior to discharge he married Yvonne McKenna from Bendigo in December 1944 and returned to Cohuna to settle. In 1945 they purchased their home at Augustine Street in Cohuna where they resided until Roy’s death on the 21st August 2010.

 Augustine Street Cohuna Victoria 001

After the war Roy found employment as a mechanic, specializing on agricultural equipment in the district.

Roy passed away at Cohuna District Hospital on 21 August 2010 at the age of 92. His funeral was held at the Catholic Church in Cohuna followed by an RSL burial at the Cohuna Cemetery.




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