A move to the Pilbara

In 1988 I was living as a sole parent caring for my three young sons. Life was tough at times.

I met a man who worked for Mount Newman Mining and he convinced me to marry him and move to the Pilbara with my three lads. He worked as a driller for the mining company on Mount Whaleback iron-ore mine. I have included some information from Wikipedia about the mine.

‘The Mount Whaleback Mine is an iron-ore mine located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, six kilometres west of Newman. The mine is majority-owned (85 per cent) and operated by BHP Billiton, and is one of seven iron-ore mines the company operates in the Pilbara. The company also operates 2 port facilities at Port Hedland, Nelson Point, and Finucane Island and over 1,000 kilometres of rail in the Pilbara. BHP Billiton is the second-largest iron ore mining company in the Pilbara, behind Rio Tinto and ahead of the Fortescue Metals Group. As of 2010, BHP employs 8,000 people in its Pilbara operations.’ 

We gave it our best shot as a family but unfortunately it wasn’t to last. In 1994 I moved back to Perth with my lads for a fresh start and my ex-husband moved to Queensland.

Such is life 🙂





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