The bacon came home

back bacon, better known as pork loin chops

back bacon, better known as pork loin chops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My groceries are delivered to my kitchen bench. It sure beats pushing a trolley around the supermarket isles. Sometimes I get the orders wrong such as getting eight bags of potatoes instead of eight potatoes. Sometimes things are missing. The Customer Care service is pretty good. I just ring them and tell them if they have made a mistake and they credit it off my account next time.

Today I received half a kilo of bacon that I didn’t order and wasn’t charged. What should I do? Ring them up and tell them or just put it in the fridge and ignore their mistake? I always try to be honest but this situation challenged me a little. I didn’t think they would want to bring the truck back to my place to pick up the bacon. Maybe the driver would be penalised for his mistake…

I decided to make the call to keep a clear conscience. Not surprisingly they asked me if I would be able to use the bacon and I said yes. They said it would be too difficult for them to track down where the bacon was meant to go so I am able to keep it and use it at no cost – and without feeling guilty 🙂


Forty plus shades of green

In contrast to yesterday’s post on the Pilbara region of Western Australia, I thought it was time for some GREEN instead or red and brown countryside!

Our trip to Ireland was partly to explore where the O’Halloran family originated from. My research found that Killaloe in County Clare has records of the O’Halloran family going back to about 1100. For more info about Killaloe, see the following link:  Killaloe, County Clare

In Ireland we mainly spent our time in Galway, County Clare and Dublin. I loved the countryside and the people. We had some problems finding our way around though and got lost several times. We also copped an excess baggage fee of around $100 from Ryan Airways. The airfare was cheap but maybe that is how they make up the difference 🙂