The bacon came home

back bacon, better known as pork loin chops

back bacon, better known as pork loin chops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My groceries are delivered to my kitchen bench. It sure beats pushing a trolley around the supermarket isles. Sometimes I get the orders wrong such as getting eight bags of potatoes instead of eight potatoes. Sometimes things are missing. The Customer Care service is pretty good. I just ring them and tell them if they have made a mistake and they credit it off my account next time.

Today I received half a kilo of bacon that I didn’t order and wasn’t charged. What should I do? Ring them up and tell them or just put it in the fridge and ignore their mistake? I always try to be honest but this situation challenged me a little. I didn’t think they would want to bring the truck back to my place to pick up the bacon. Maybe the driver would be penalised for his mistake…

I decided to make the call to keep a clear conscience. Not surprisingly they asked me if I would be able to use the bacon and I said yes. They said it would be too difficult for them to track down where the bacon was meant to go so I am able to keep it and use it at no cost – and without feeling guilty 🙂

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