Weekly photo challenge: Unusual point of view (POV)

It is only two weeks until my first assignment is due. I had planned to work out a time-table today. I got the books out on the table this morning along with a planner to schedule my work so that I can get it in before the due date. But inspiration and inclination are lacking. As I sat looking at the bundle of paperwork I thought of today’s photo challenge.

So at least there was some outcome from my plans for the day. It might be because it is Election Day and I am finding it difficult to focus. Is that a good enough excuse?

The Style Manual is actually a great book. I bought it about four years ago and only opened its covers recently as it is the text for the unit I am studying. When I worked for the West Australian State Government, the Style Guide was the rule book for all written communications. It can be confusing due to English being used differently in various parts of the world (primarily the UK, America and Australia). It is something I am aware of when I am blogging  – that there ARE variations in the way we spell and pronounce different words. It makes life interesting!

I will get some work done tomorrow 🙂



4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unusual point of view (POV)

  1. Thanks for reading Vossey! And yet, I got that assignment done with several more following. I gained a Grad Cert in Professional Writing at the end! I even wrote a short story – I think I may have sent it to you at some stage. I would like to get back into writing …

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