What is in a name?

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My (and their Dad’s) choice of names for my three sons were:

Robert Peter – my brothers’ names are Robert and Peter and my Uncle’s name was Peter Roy. My son’s Dad, Grandfather and Great Grandfather and so forth were all called Robert. I also have a nephew called Robert. We called Robert by his second name, Peter, for some time before reverting back to Robert.

Andrew Joseph – My Grandfather’s name was Joseph. We found Andrew’s name in the Bible as being Peter’s brother. And it is a good Scottish name following his father’s ancestry.

Joel Stephen – the Bible again! Joel comes from the prophet Joel in the Old Testament. Stephen is in the New Testament and gives life to Joel’s prophesy.




  1. All classic, timeless names that you can’t go wrong with in my view. The history of names, both in a world sense and the reasons families came to choose them, is one of the most interesting forms of history around. Great post!

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