What is in a name?

English: Head-piece to Joel. Joel 2:1. Vignett...

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My (and their Dad’s) choice of names for my three sons were:

Robert Peter – my brothers’ names are Robert and Peter and my Uncle’s name was Peter Roy. My son’s Dad, Grandfather and Great Grandfather and so forth were all called Robert. I also have a nephew called Robert. We called Robert by his second name, Peter, for some time before reverting back to Robert.

Andrew Joseph – My Grandfather’s name was Joseph. We found Andrew’s name in the Bible as being Peter’s brother. And it is a good Scottish name following his father’s ancestry.

Joel Stephen – the Bible again! Joel comes from the prophet Joel in the Old Testament. Stephen is in the New Testament and gives life to Joel’s prophesy.



6 thoughts on “What is in a name?

  1. All classic, timeless names that you can’t go wrong with in my view. The history of names, both in a world sense and the reasons families came to choose them, is one of the most interesting forms of history around. Great post!

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