Gnomesville Massacre

This week we had a short break at a Farm Stay in Ferguson Valley – about one hour’s drive from home. It is situated just down the road from Gnomesville. Last year Gnomesville received international attention with the following article on NBC News –  NBC News Gnomesville Massacre.

Vandals smashed their way through this special little community – heads were broken off and several gnomes were smashed. The State Emergency Service Volunteer President spoke to the media about this tragic event.

A few years before the massacre, a local Ferguson Valley woman saw the first gnome appear out of nowhere. At this time the locals were very concerned about changes to the road layout and many protested against the changes. That’s when the gnome population greatly increased and  joined their silent protest about the road changes. Today a roundabout manages the traffic at the intersection and it is said that the gnomes love to go round and round! Read the history of Gnomesville on their website.

I can share some photos I took this week. Word has spread that it is bad luck to injure a gnome and they are receiving more respect from visitors now 🙂

Ferguson Valley 023 (Copy)



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